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The Source My Car vehicle forecast for 2014


The term ‘luxury’ has become something of a vague description when it comes to newly manufactured cars; with heated steering wheels and ventilated seats becoming the mainstream expectations. So as you might expect, the new car predictions for 2014 offer some truly spectacular features and useful mod-cons. We have derived a short list of some of the cars that are due to come on the market in the next year:


1. Mini Cooper/ Mini One


Mini Cooper/Mini One

Mini Cooper/Mini One – Source My Car









Set to be revealed in November at the Tokyo and Los Angeles motor shows, the latest Mini Cooper is likely to feature new petrol and diesel engines. It’s not just the Cooper that’s getting a revamp, it includes the Mini Cooper S, the Mini Cooper D and Mini One.


The new Mini One will be the ‘entry-level’ model and prices should start at around £14,000, whereas the Mini Cooper is set to be a little more pricey at around £15,000. The Cooper D will be the most efficient Mini-motor with its diesel engine costing around £16,000 at new start price. Regarding the Cooper S, with all the extra accessories thrown in, will probably start around £18,000.


The interiors will see a slight refreshment to style and design, with smart-phone holders built in, door pockets being exchanged for elastic straps and the large circular display will probably seem slightly more palatable.


2. New Ford KA


Ford Ka

Ford Ka – Source My Car










Just one of Ford’s latest ideas heading onto the market for next year. The new KA is an updated version of the city car, that has been spotted undergoing test-drives near Ford’s engineering company in Cologne.


On a similar platform to the Fiat 500 and put into competition with the plethora of lightweight electric-hybrid cars, the KA will need to be extra efficient when it comes to being compared. Even so, the fashion-conscious theme of the last two KA models has gone out the window and is being replaced by a 5-door-only design, creating a more practical and sizeable interior space and better value for money.


3. Honda Civic Tourer


Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Civic Tourer – Source My Car










The first Civic ‘load-lugger’ is going to be on sale in early 2014 in the UK with a Honda-promise for a level competitive price.


Famed for its boot capacity, Honda’s endowment in the rear department is certainly something they are proud of. And rightly so, with 624 Litres of space just beneath the rear load cover, you certainly don’t have to pack lightly. Comparing this to the Honda Civic Hatchback, buyers will see an increase in boot-space up from 477 Litres and from 1,378 Litres to 1,668 Litres with the seats down. The width and height of both the hatchback and the Tourer is notably exactly the same, with an increase in length on the Tourer, about 23.5cm longer than the hatchback. Even so, the wheelbase is also still the same. The boot floor in the Tourer has been raised slightly, which creates an attractive flat surface when the seats are down, this has also miraculously caused there to be an even further amount of space under the floor.


There is currently no performance or fuel economy ratings yet, but the engine lineup has been confirmed.


4. Mazda 3 (2.2D Sport)


Mazda 3 (2.2D Sport)

Mazda 3 (2.2D Sport) – Source My Car









The new Mazda 3 is bowling in up against the top dogs of the family hatch category, and is said to be in battle against the always popular Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and the VW Golf.


The efficient engines certainly add to the car’s pros, meaning it should be cheap to run and maintain, however Mazda’s steep starting price may just be the thing that holds this motor back in the battle of the hatchbacks. Estimated and rumoured to start at around £18,000 (£2,000 more than the Golf), we are hoping that it comes with all the extras and modern-conveniences installed.

Physically, you may argue that the Mazda is better-looking than the likes of the Golf, Astra and the Focus, as its immediately more striking. It features a curvaceous body panels and ‘swept-back’ headlights and compared previous Mazda models, the interior looks pretty upmarket and is more spacious.


The most economic spec regarding running costs will be the 148bhp 2.2-litre diesel, which manages 72.4mpg and 104g/km of CO2.