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7 Tips on how to buy a good used car

Buying a used car carries lots of risk so careful research is required and asking the right questions is critical to making the whole process a success. Most sellers of used cars are genuine individuals and traders looking for a quick sale and the reasons for selling are many and varied.

However, even a trusted used car dealer won’t know everything there is to know about their vehicle and there could be a problem with the engine, gearbox for example which they may not be aware of. So as a buyer, it is imperative that you carry out a detailed examination to ensure the car is in good shape.


Here are some tips to follow when buying a used car:

  1. Understand the risks of buying a used car – You should be familiar with the risks of buying a used car to avoid any disappointment. You should at all cost avoid being landed with a ringer from a fraudster.
  2. Where to buy – There are many sources online and offline to buy a used car including online auctions, buying privately and from a dealer. Buying a used car from Source My Car is an option for buyers looking for a free service that is trustworthy and reliable and brings together buyers and sellers
  3. Background check – Make sure you check the history of the car to find out if there are any alerts on it. You can buy multiple alerts for only £5 and this will avoid any problems in the future.
  4. Ask the right questions – Whether buying privately or from trade, it’s important to ask the right questions because you may have little comeback if there is a problem with the car later
  5. Test drive – Always take a test drive; you may discover something you didn’t whilst examining the car – but you must ensure you are insured first.
  6. Act promptly – You should act quickly if there are any problems because you have a short time to reject the car if it has any problems.
  7. Enjoy – When all is sorted and the car is in your hands, it is time to enjoy trouble-free motoring.


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Source My Car is a website that matches used car buyers and car dealers to save them time and help buyers find the car to suit their needs. It’s a completely free service for buyers and it provides traders with a convenient location to promote their vehicles.

Source My Car also helps solve the problems and issues listed in the tips above, and ensures that you get a good used car for your needs.

Check Source My Cars Guide to buying a used car.