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Safe Drving









In the last 18 months preping has become even more popular. For the uninitiated preping mean being prepared for the unexpected. I know most prepers who are stocking up on food, drinking water, and survival essentials are expecting a third world war, or a complete meltdown of the electrical system. There are however, many prepers who stock pile foods and essential items just in case they experience unusual bad weather, and as motorists we can learn from them.


In the last few years many parts of the UK have been hit by large falls of snow and heavy blizzards, and if you commute by car, or drive further than a mile away from your home, then you need to make sure you have a few essential items in the boot of your car.


The golden rule when heavy snowfall is forecast in your area is, “don’t drive unless you really need to”, but if the journey is essential. Then you need to be prepared for whatever the weather can throw at you. Here at sourceyourcar.com we have put together a list of essential items to carry in your car during winter.



You can get folding shovels that will take up a lot less space, but any kind of shovel will do. We are not suggesting you try to dig yourself out of a deep snow drift, but if you get stuck in the snow, you will want to keep the end of your exhaust pipe clear. Digging out snow with your bare hands can result in frostbite, even here in the UK.



You can now get wind-up torches which do not rely on batteries, but if you opt for a traditional torch you will need to make sure you also have spare batteries for it.


Blanket or Sleeping bag:

Personally I would opt for a sleeping bag as they will insulate you better from the cold. Make sure that when you buy one, that you choose one designed for winter. As well as a sleeping bag, or a blanket, I always carry a foil blanket as these are designed to insulate you from the cold.


Warm Clothing:

Always carry a change of warn clothing. If you step outside your car and get your clothes wet you will lose body heat very quickly. If you are the type of person that jumps in the car just wearing a thin jacket or jumper, make sure that somewhere in the car you have a warm coat tucked away, you never know when it will be needed.


High Visibility Vest:

This will keep you safe and will make it easier for other drivers to see you. In a lot of European countries it is a legal requirement to wear one of these if you have a roadside emergency.


Snow Grips:

Snow grips for your shoes is going to make walking to safety mush easier and safer. These usually just slip over any shoe, but make sure that they fit the shoes you wear before putting them in your car.


Food and Water:

Even in icy conditions you can become dehydrated, don’t think you can rehydrate by eating snow. Eating snow will cause your core body temperature to drop, and increase the risk of  hypothermia. One or two large bottles of water will stop you from becoming dehydrated, but you will need to keep them inside the car. If you carry them in the boot they may freeze and then they are useless to you.

For food you will need high energy snacks such as cereal bars, chocolate, nuts and crisps.

If it is essential that you have to drive in snowy conditions as part of your job, a good idea is to ensure you have a thermos full of hot water when you set out, and add some packet soups or other meals that you can make just by adding hot water, to your essential foods.



It is now a legal requirement to clear snow from your car, so investing a couple of pound on a scraper is well worth it.



In any survival scenario, having a plan is essential, and the same needs to be applied to driving in winter conditions. Before driving anywhere make sure that you have checked the tyres, oil, petrol and your cars coolant levels. Check weather forecasts and road reports before planning the route you need to take. Stay tuned in to local radio stations for the area you are driving in, as this will make sure you stay up-to date on road conditions, and the weather.


Most of the items needed to help keep you safe when driving in bad weather you will probably already have laying around the house, or shoved in cupboards. Why not dig them out this weekend and put them in your car. They will not take up much room, but it will make a huge difference to you if you ever get caught in bad conditions whilst driving.


So be safe this winter and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Source My Car