Are you aware of the new Tax rules from October?

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New Tax Rules New Tax Rules from October 2014

                New Tax Disc Rules for Vehicles

If you are interested in buying or selling cars, it becomes even more essential for you to make yourselves aware of the new tax disc rules that are expected to come into effect by October, 2014. In the eyes of many, the new tax disc rules are going to have a significant impact on the car buying and selling.

It has been announced that Driving Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will no longer issue any paper tax discs, from 1st October, 2014. Though, the car owners will still be required to have vehicle tax, in order to  keeep a vehicle or drive it, but under the new tax disc rules, DVLA will only accept online payments, in all cases including Direct Debt payments. This means that instead of relying…

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