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Motor Car insurance

Cheap Motor Car Insurance


Are you paying too much for your Car Insurance? Save £100’s with our lesser-known Top Tips!


It is difficult to keep track of all your bills sometimes, and car insurance is no different. Whilst renewing your existing quote may seem the easiest option; according to MoneySupermarket.com you could save an average of £237 a year, simply by shopping around for your next deal. Here are some of our more creative, lesser-known ways to reduce your premium:


Alter Your Job Title


Insurance companies judge some professions as being riskier for car insurance than others. Yet there is room to be creative – you can slash significant amounts off your premium by making minor alterations to your job title. For example, according to moneysavingexpert.com a “sales manager” will usually pay around £1,030.90 for their premium whilst the similarly-titled “commercial manager” will only pay £978.90.


Add a Reputable Driver to your Plan


If you are a young, inexperienced driver or have had a recent accident it may be beneficial to put an experienced driver as a named driver onto your policy in order to reduce the cost. However, adding them as the main driver is a criminal offence, so make sure they are only added as a secondary driver.


Have a “Black Box” Installed in your Car


Insurance companies are now offering insurance policies based on your driving habits – and claim it could save drivers up to 25%. If you are an ultra-safe, low-mileage driver you can ask to have a specially-modified GPS called a “black box” installed in your car which will monitor your driving and your policy will alter according to this.


Get a Multicar Policy


Many insurance companies are now offering big discounts for having a number of policies linked together. What’s more, you can still run separate no-claims bonuses from this so you don’t need to worry about losing the bonus you have accrued. Sometimes there are stipulations that the people have to live together or are related, but look around and this is a guarantee to save you money.


Alter your Excess


Paying a higher excess can reduce your premium dramatically. Think carefully about how likely you are to have an accident and how much your car is worth. There’s no use having a very high excess if your car is only worth a similar amount.



Don’t just say ‘yes’ to all the extras!


Like any piece of complex insurance there are a million and one different optional extras you can add to your cover: Key cover, breakdown cover, injury cover etc. etc. Sometimes it seems easier just to relent and to agree to the small additional charge each month. But don’t give in unless you really need it! Check your other insurance policies as well, it’s possible you are already covered for some of these eventualities – don’t end up having three different insurers for breakdown as is sometimes the case!


To sum up…..


You wouldn’t think twice about changing your cereal depending on a promotional offer would you? Just because it’s car insurance and it seems complicated the same principles still apply; shop around and take advantages of all the options available to you, and I guarantee you will save hundreds of pounds annually.