About Us

We wanted to buy a car. Nothing flashy, nothing rare – just a black automatic Toyota Rav4 with sat nav.

We tramped round the local dealers. Trawled the local papers. Spent hours looking online scanning website after website – all to no avail. With nearly 10,000 car dealers in the UK, there just had to be a better, faster way…

We put our thinking caps on. We knew the car we wanted was out there somewhere. Think how much time we’d save if only we could get the dealers to come to us… And that’s how the idea for Source My Car was born!

A lot of midnight oil later, we think we’ve cracked it. Now all you have to do is fill out one simple form stating what you want to buy – you can specify details such as age, colour,  price and how far you’re willing to travel – and wait while traders across the UK look for a match. When they find one, we let you know so you can arrange a viewing and a test drive.

If you’re a buyer, it means no more pounding the streets – or the keyboard – in a fruitless search for the car of your dreams. And if you’re a dealer, Source My Car is the best way to find willing, ready buyers for the cars on your forecourt. How simple is that?

Source My Car – ‘bringing the traders to you’


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